Popular features and modules

There are many exciting features and modules included within the CMNTY platform. If you haven’t read our Quick Start Guide, we highly recommend doing so before getting started.

The list below gives a brief overview of the main modules and features most commonly used within the platform:

Forum – The Forum module is used as a bulletin board to host discussions.  Create topics, quote and reply, add attachments, and @-mention other members.

Blog – Post articles about interesting news and developments with members having the ability to comment.

Challenge – A creative tool used to encourage participants to brainstorm online. Use the Challenge module to engage people in competition. The Challenge module works great in combination with the Gamification Engine of the platform.

Questionnaire – A tool that allows you to create surveys for both quantitative and qualitative research. It is possible to make questions mandatory, randomize questions, pipe answers from one question to another, add page logic and, if you use the Gamification feature, award points or badges to members who have completed the questionnaire.

Journal – Participants can tell stories, upload videos and personal pictures.  Users can only see their own Journal content and not the content uploaded by other users. This is designed for members to share more personal information, ideas, opinions, pictures or videos, since they know that only Community Managers will be able to read it.

Webshop – The page where users can spend their earned points (from Gamification), which gives the points real value. You can decide what products you want to offer in the Webshop and how many points they will cost.

Community – Display an overview of all users, think of it as the profile page of all your community members. In one overview you will see a list of all users, Community Managers and observers.