Focus Troubleshooting

Focus heavily relies on the camera and microphone of your device. Being able to access both is important in order to run successful sessions. In case either your microphone or video is not working properly, please follow guidelines below in order to resolve the issue.

Conduct an Automated Test

Focus is equipped with an automated test, which helps you in discovering issues. Just go to to conduct an automated test on your system.


What type of issue are you having?

Browser Support

Focus works best in Google Chrome. Here is a complete list of browsers we support.

  • Mozilla Firefox (version 60 and later), for macOS and Windows
  • Google Chrome (version 78 and later), for macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu LTS 16.04 and later
  • Google Chrome for Android (audio and video only, no content sharing)
  • Chromium-based Edge (version 79 and later), for Windows
  • Chromium-based Electron (Electron 7 and later, with Chromium version 78 and later)
  • Safari (version 12, audio and video only, no content sharing), for macOS
  • Safari (version 12.1.1 and later, audio and video only, no content sharing), for iOS
  • Safari (version 13 and later), for macOS
  • Opera (version 66 and later), for macOS and Windows

Additional Tools to Conduct Tests

You can also use the third party vendor below to run some additional checks:

VPNs Can Cause Connection Problems

If you are on a business or consumer VPN and have trouble connecting to Focus, try disabling the VPN connection.