Moderator Dashboard

Moderator Dashboard is a solution bringing all front-end content into a single location for Moderators and Observers to review, engage and analyze participant responses. The dashboard offers distinct solutions: Content Overview – Review all content with filters on status, module, plus more. Click into content to review the entire post […]

Yesty Webshop Integration

Yesty effortlessly integrates e-gift cards into the CMNTY platform, enabling you to manage incentives via the platform.  How does it work?  Every platform can have its own choice card. A choice card is a e-gift card that is a parent gift card for participants. This choice card can be fully […]

Decipher Screener Survey Integration

Creating profile fields and importing Decipher screener survey results is available through the Decipher Integration. Using the solution requires an active Decipher description and setting up API access to the account. Once set, you can select a desired screener survey for your CMNTY platform, which will import the available questions […]

Recruit Through Screener Redirects

Screeners are important mechanisms to recruit participants to research projects. To ease the process of recruiting users to a CMNTY Platform, we offer an alternative to importing and email inviting participants by redirecting recruits to the registration page directly from the screener. This solution is great for private platforms, since […]

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Protection

In some situations a project or a recruiter may not allow for participants’ personal identifiable information (PII) to appear on the platform. When this occurs, you can disable “Show PII” to ensure these participants are added to the platform smoothly and successfully. When this is disabled per role, the personal […]

External Tasks

If you have a more complex question which you would like to conduct in an external platform, you can use the External Task feature of CMNTY Platform to track progress within your platform. To use this feature, the external platform needs to have the capability of having a dynamic redirect […]

Basic Terms and Conditions (template)

It’s considered general best practice to add a terms and conditions statement to the registration form of your platform. This to inform your members/participants what is requested from them. Within this template, we have identified required information, “«»”, in bold  and considerations “<>” in italics. Our statement is a guideline and you […]

Send Invite to Focus Session Attendees

We offer multiple options to send attendees invites to Focus sessions. For each Focus session, there is an invite button that shows you the options to send invites. Option 1 – When your attendees are not a part of the platform It is possible to invite attendees that are not […]

Focus – My Speakers Aren’t Working Properly

This page is part of the troubleshooting articles when using Focus. Click here to navigate back to the main article. Table of Contents I am having issues while checking my device: Check if you can hear sound from a different website Check if your operating system has volume turned on […]

Focus – I am unable to share my video

This page is part of the troubleshooting articles when using Focus. Click here to navigate back to the main article. Known issue As of Chrome version 88 and Edge version 88, video sharing leads to a black video for attendees while the moderator sharing the video can actually see it. […]