Basic Terms and Conditions (template)

It’s considered general best practice to add a terms and conditions statement to the registration form of your platform. This to inform your members/participants what is requested from them.

Within this template, we have identified required information, “«»”, in bold  and considerations “<>” in italics. Our statement is a guideline and you can use any other terms and conditions statement you please on your platform.

Disclaimer: We offer this template as a service. It comes without warranties. Please check with your compliance team or security officer to make sure your statement is accurate.

Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions written on this page shall manage your use of the «Project». The «Project» is an online community that is managed by «COMPANY» and powered by community platform CMNTY Corporation (hereinafter: “Platform”). By participating in the «Project», you consent to the use of your responses for all activities on this Platform for research and strategic analysis. By using this Platform, you agreed to accept Terms and Conditions presented here. You must not use this Platform if you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions.

By participating about «SUBJECT» in this Platform you agree you:

  • <You are at least 18 years old>
  • «Criteria»
  • «Criteria»
  • «Criteria»

You will receive financial compensation for participating this Platform. Activities would involve selecting pictures from any source to describe an activity and upload those to the Platform. We do not provide partial compensation.

Personal information
<In any activities posted to this Platform, you are not required to provide additional RII (Respondent Identifiable Information) beyond what has been collected in initial recruitment for the purposes of keeping you up to date about happenings in this community and for eventual awarding of incentive. Supplying any incremental RII is voluntary, and in most – if not all – incremental activities will not be requested as part of the research scope. Any incremental RII that is collected will be used only for the permitted purposes of assisting with analysis. For example, to segment answers by participants’ age group, State of residence or gender. Additional information about the collection, use, retention, storage, transfer, and/or disclosure of RII can be found in the Privacy Policy pertaining to the «Project».>

More information

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