External Tasks

If you have a more complex question which you would like to conduct in an external platform, you can use the External Task feature of CMNTY Platform to track progress within your platform.

To use this feature, the external platform needs to have the capability of having a dynamic redirect back to the platform to track progress.

Admin Setup

Within Admin > Activities > External Tasks, you can add a link to an external platform. You will have to fill in the link to the external platform, which the respondent should complete.

Your external platform should be able to receive variables in the URL and process them. Something similar to https://link.com/survey?name=xxx. We will automatically append successUrl, completionTokenuserId to the link you’ve provided. You can process the userId within the external platform to understand who completed the survey and use the successUrl to redirect respondents back to the platform to mark the task as completed.

The final link will be https://yourlink.com?successUrl=[success_url]&userId=[user_id]

The redirect link back to the platform should be the entire successUrl variable or the following URL with completionToken appended at the end: http://yourplatform.cmnty.com/_external-task/complete/

Advanced mode: If you would like to customize the variables’ names, you can do so by appending successUrl and userId manually. For instance, if you would like to call it completion URL, you should provide the following link within the External Task form: https://yourlink.com?completionUrl=[success_url]

After creating the External Task, the only step left within your platform is to configure the Task List. Append your External Task to the Task List as you would do with any other tasks, as described here

When you configured the external platform as mentioned in the following paragraph and respondents completed the task, the completion matrix will mark the task as completed.

External Platform

Make sure to redirect respondents back to the successUrl which was provided as a variable when they completed the survey. If you cannot redirect them back, the alternative is to show them a link on the completion page they need to click to return.