Forum Categories

Forum includes Categories, which allows an overview for all Boards by category with the number of discussions available on each board listed. Categories are set when creating a Board and allow for the Category View when on the overview page for the Forum module.

Categories can be enabled with the Category View. To enable Categories:

  1. Go to Activities at the top menu in Admin.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose Forum.
  3. Click Settings on the right, you can switch to Category. When you switch to Category, all boards can be categorized once you save your settings. Then click the Categories button on Forum Overview. This view will show all boards by category on the overview page for the module.

Moving Forum Discussions

Forum Discussions are confined to their Board, however, discussions are not visible in Admin to be arranged. Our Move feature now allows Admins to move topics to a different forum. To move a Board Discussion:

  1. Go to Forum and enter the desired Discussion to move.
  2. Click on the three dots to make the toolbar larger, and click on the arrow icon to move your discussion.
  3. Select the desired Board to move the discussion to.
  4. Save your preference and discussion will be on the selected Board.

Discussions in Boards assigned to user groups will become available to all groups when moved to Boards assigned to all user groups.

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